A three-act story about help, awareness and understanding

The driving force behind the "Overcome Yourself" project is the KnowHow club organization, which was founded in 2014. The members of this organization are entrepreneurs who create valuable projects with their companies. The basic goals of the KnowHow club are to inspire and be inspired, pass on experience, to learn and educate others, to serve as examples and find role models. We want to promote personal growth and help people live...Be valuable members of society, not useless.

Current updates


Byzmag, February issue

17. 2. 2016

Promotion on RADIO Petrov

Dnes jste nás mohli slyšet také ve zpravodajství na RÁDIU Petrov

16. 2. 2016

New chairwoman of the ROSKA UNION

On February 15th 2016, RNDr. Kamila Neplechová Ph.D. was named the new chairwoman of the ROSKA UNION. We would like to extend our congratulations and look forward to future cooperation.

14. 2. 2016

The first act of the Overcome Yourself 2016 project

On February 14th 2016 on Valentine's Day, the entire "Overcome Yourself 2016" project officially started with its first act. From this day, organizations that help people with MS can describe their projects supporting patients, and send us an email to zesrdceprotebe@prekonejsamsebe.cz. We will present these projects to our partners, and if they find them interesting, we will attempt to realize the projects together.

11. 2. 2016

Press conference

On February 11th 2016, a press conference about the second year of the Overcome Yourself project took place in Brno. The press conference was attended by representatives from Brno city administration, the Roska Union and Roska Brno, MS patients and of course organizers from the KnowHow club. A new development this year is our cooperation with the Roska Union.

27. 1. 2016

New mascot of the Weekend Marathon

We selected a new mascot for the Weekend Marathon. Its creator is Mrs. Iva Utinková.

27. 1. 2016

Czech Television, Good Morning, January 27th 2016

So today we helped "create a good morning" with Radovan Holub on Czech Television. We overcame ourselves :-) and talked about Overcome Yourself - A project for the support of people with multiple sclerosis. I recently heard a very apt statement about what it means to help others - OFFER A HELPING HAND WHERE OTHERS ACTUALLY NEED IT, NOT WHERE YOU THINK IT IS NEEDED. This is also what the project is about. It reveals stories and explores the relationship between diseases and our life journey. Please support us by Liking us on Facebook.